Opposites Attract: 4 Reasons You Should Date Someone Who’s Nothing Like You

Although we’re all looking for our soul mates, there’s no rule that says the love of our life has to be exactly like us. There’s a reason why the saying “opposites attract” exists, and with that in mind, here are some reasons why you should date people who are not similar to you.

Opposites Attract - 4 Reasons You Should Date Someone Who’s Nothing Like You

If you’ve had any experience in the dating game, you probably know that there are many different people one may come across or even date. There are some good matchups, some bad ones, and some we’re not even sure actually happened.

However, there is one type of people that each and every one of us should try to go out on a date with – our complete opposites. They say that opposites attract, but have you ever wondered if there are actual benefits to dating someone who’s nothing like you? If you have, here are some facts that might answer your question.

1. You Can Grow More as a Person

This doesn’t only apply to dating someone who’s the complete opposite of you, but also to hanging around people who have opinions and beliefs that are on the opposite side of the spectrum from your own.

There’s a lot of value in spending your time around those who can offer brand new perspectives. Learning about a totally opposite view from the one you already have can result in one of the two possible scenarios: either you’ll strengthen your beliefs and opinions or you’ll change the way you look at certain things. In any case, you can only benefit from this.

2. Breaking Out of Your Shell

Another good reason to date your polar opposite is the effect your partner can have on your negative personality traits.

For example, those who are shy and timid can greatly benefit from someone who is outgoing and energetic, as they can motivate them and help them get out of their shell.

On the other hand, people who tend to get nervous and anxious a lot can always use a partner with a more mellow personality – someone who will soothe them and calm them down.

3. You Get To Learn About New Things

When two people are completely opposite, this doesn’t only mean their personalities are different. It also reflects on surface-level things, which in turn means dating your opposite will present you with the chance to learn about so much stuff you didn’t know about before.

These are usually the most basic parameters by which you can determine whether you have something in common with your partner or not. Your taste in movies, music, TV shows, books, video-games, and many more aspects may be completely different from the person you’re dating, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

If you keep dating them, you’ll get to discover new artists, films, and many more things, some of which may be suited to your preferences. Maybe it will turn out that both of you like the same stuff, but neither of you knew you had it in common before you started dating and discovering new songs and actors.

4. Boredom is not an Option

Now, we’re not saying that you should only and exclusively date guys or girls who seem to be on the opposite side of the spectrum from you, but there is some truth to the stories which include two very similar people who get bored of each other quickly.

Dating your polar opposite never leads to boredom. You are challenged and surprised virtually every day by the person you’re dating, which usually leads to good things. Although sometimes it just doesn’t work out, it’s never due to the fact that one or both sides got bored of the monotonous routine.

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