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Hz. The Prophet was sent to Heraclius (Masudi, p. 271, 272), who was said to be in Hıms or Damascus at that time. He sent Halif again with a letter. In the letter, the emperor was offered to enter Islam, pay jizya or make war, and he was asked not to prevent those who would accept Islam. The letter reads: “From God’s messenger to the Byzantine emperor. I invite you to Islam. If you accept Islam, you will also have the rights that Muslims have, and you will be responsible for what they are responsible for. If you do not agree to enter Islam, you will pay tax. Almighty Allah says: “Fight with those who do not believe in Allah and the Hereafter, who do not regard what Allah and His messenger forbidden, and who do not adopt the true religion to them until they bow to you and give jizyah with their hands” (at-Tawba 9/29). If you do not accept these offers, do not prevent the people (fellâhîn) from entering Islam or paying jizya. ” Heraclius, who received the letter, after consulting with the people around him, sent a Christian Arab from Tenuh to Hz. He sent it to the Prophet as an envoy. The Messenger was hosted by Muslims and Hz. Uthman also gave him a valuable dress (Musnad, III, 441; IV, 74, 75; Abu Ubeyd, p. 345; Muhammed Hamidullah, al-Ves̱â̱iḳu’s-siyâsiyye, p. 110-115; a.mlf., Prophet of Islam , I, 336-338).

In some Islamic sources, Hz. Abu Bakr’s Ubada b. Sammit, Hisham b. As and Nuaym b. Consisting of Abdullah, according to some rumors, Adi b. Kaab and Amr b. It is rumored that the emperor sent a delegation including Jesus to the Emperor Heraclius to invite them to Islam, and received information from the messengers about the beliefs, worship and customs of the Muslims, and sent them off with gifts after hosting them for three days (Dîneverî, p.18-19; Ibn. A’sam el-Kufi, I, 126-132; Abu Nuaym el-Isfahânî, I, 50-56; Beyhakī, I, 386-390; Ibn Asâkir, XI, 516-519; Muhammed Hamîdullah, FO, II / 1 -2, pp. 29-42).

Hz. With Abu Bakr’s sending armies to Syria, Palestine and Jordan, a new era began that gave Heraclius and his soldiers a hard time. Sergios, the commander of the Kaysâriye unit in Palestine, was severely defeated and killed in Dâsin (Gaza) in February 634, after the clashes in Vâdilarabe, south of Ölüdeniz. Heraclius must have thought of the entry of the Islamic armies into Byzantine lands as a continuation of the Arab invasions of the Syrian borders for centuries. However, this movement, called Islamic conquest, developed at an unprecedented pace in world history. In 622, when Heraclius set out for the first time against Iran, Hz. The Prophet was migrating from Mecca to Medina. After his death in 632, the Muslims, who completed the conquest of Arabia in a short time, three years later, Jerusalem and all Syria and Palestine, within ten years Egypt and Irmîniye, within twenty years all the Persian lands. they dominated.

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