Jealous Justin Bieber Convinced Selena is Using The Weeknd as Publicity Stunt

Pop sensation Justin Bieber might have brought his devilish shenanigans to a halt (for the time being), but it seems that he cannot keep his thoughts to himself!

Well this picture is akward now

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After the surprising new romance between the Disney-native Selena Gomez and one of the freshest new voices in the industry, The Weeknd, became official, a lot of people were left bamboozled. “Is this relationship real,” “How did this happen,” and “They’re nothing alike” are just some of the comments that fans from both entertainers are posting on social media platforms.

However, it would seem that fans from both respective singers are not the only ones who were left dumbfounded by this unusual (yet sexy) couple!

Although he is just one of the many people shocked by this romance, 22-year-old Bieber doesn’t quite believe in it! According to sources close to the infamous singer, the What Do You Mean hitmaker has completely dismissed Selena and Weeknd’s relationship as nothing short of tactics! The head of the Beliebers states that this is not Selena’s first picnic when it comes to publicity stunts, especially in the love department.

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Namely, Justin believes that this is “cookie-cutter stuff” for Gomez, who has previously been linked to Zedd, Nick Jonas, and Bieber himself. The Sorry singer even states that he was probably a means of gaining publicity himself!

Justin and Selena dated on and off between 2011 and 2015.

Alas, that’s not the only ex drama moment in this fling.

The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend of two years, supermodel and one of Victoria’s Secret rising stars, Bella Hadid, was just as shocked as the next person after the incriminating photos of the new pair were published. Bella’s fans criticized Selena on social media platforms, yet, the young songstress seems to be completely unmoved by the hate.

To give you context, Selena is a member of Taylor Swift’s infamous “girl squad,” a group of young, high-profile female celebs who work hard, party even harder, and generally attract attention wherever they go. Gigi Hadid, Bella’s sister and one of Taylor’s closest friends, is also a close friend of Selena’s. Even more so, Bella and Selena are also said to be good pals. Well, were good pals that is.