The Fade Out: 4 Reasons Why She’s Not Calling You

If a girl seemed like she was into you while you were on a date together, it doesn’t have to mean that she’ll be calling you any time soon.

The Fade Out- 4 Reasons Why She’s Not Calling You

There’s no arguing that good communication is a very large and necessary part of any healthy relationship. Aside from constantly talking to your partner, there are also various games that people who date play amongst each other in order to achieve a goal.

You’re probably familiar with the “cat and mouse” game – it’s when one person is playing hard to get to make someone else want them even more and try harder to win them over. While this doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it can lead to an unpleasant experience when the lack of communication starts becoming too big. In that name, here are a couple of possible reasons why the girl you’re dating isn’t calling you.

1. She’s Actually Busy

Before you get any wrong ideas, you should firstly consider the most logical answer to the aforementioned question.

We live in an age where time is very scarce and money is very important. And since you need the latter to survive, you’ll probably dedicate most of your time to working and making money. Furthermore, many of us have things like projects and hobbies in our lives, so have some understand before you completely freak out.

2. She Has No Reason to Call

While most of the time the reason for her not calling you has to do with her, there are also situations where you are actually the problem. Don’t worry, as this is not unfixable, but note that it will take some action on your part for her to start communicating with you again.

When we say that you might be the problem, it doesn’t have to mean that you’ve done something to cause this situation. Usually, this means that she didn’t get a good impression of you so far or that you haven’t piqued her interest enough for her to get more involved with you.

3. She’s Avoiding Looking Desperate

Another good reason why the girl you’re dating isn’t contacting you is because she doesn’t want to come off as needy and desperate.

Once we meet someone interesting, we want to get together with them as soon as possible. This is only natural, but acting on this instinct can cause the other party to flee as it gets overwhelmed. That’s why most people who date tend to wait for a while before they start communicating with an interesting and attractive person.

4. You’re Not Her Type

Finally, we’re getting to the worst reason behind a cease in communication between you and the girl you’re dating – she’s simply not into you.

Anyone who has ever gone on a date with more than one person knows that there are people out there who are really great, have an awesome personality and a pretty good sense of humor, but fail to attract us or to spark our curiosity.

No matter how high a person ranks on the quality scale, if there’s no spark between you two, chances are nothing is going to happen. You should embrace this possibility, because pretending like there isn’t one will only leave you hurt and confused when a girl you thought you’ve impressed stops calling you.

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