Don’t Do It: 3 Texts You’ll Deeply Regret Sending

Texting is easy and practical, but what happens when we send a text without thinking about its consequences beforehand?

3 Texts You’ll Deeply Regret Sending

The days when writing well thought-out letters to people who are important to us has been over for quite some time now. Nowadays, it’s all about texting – it’s cheap, fast and doesn’t require you to regularly visit the post office.

However, not all of us are aware of the consequences some text messages might bring. Since it’s basically always available, texting runs the risk of sending messages while drunk, overly-excited or deeply depressed, which is a bad thing in 99% of the cases. In that name here are three texts you’ll deeply regret sending.

1. The “After Breakup” Text

Sending text messages to your ex is by far the most well-known form of poorly planned texting. Whether you’ve had a summer fling or a really long and committed relationship, the time following the breakup usually leaves us in a spot where we feel sad, angry, betrayed and even confused.

One of the best examples of the “after breakup” text goes something like this: “Even though things didn’t work out between us, I wish you the best.” Although you may be completely honest here, the message itself really depends on the context. Sending this just a week after someone breaks up with you can be interpreted by the other side as the complete opposite of what you wrote. Therefore, just don’t write it and try to move on.

2. The “Fresh Relationship” Text Overload

Similarly to a week after a breakup, the first few days of a brand new relationship can also be a sensitive time when it comes to texting. That’s why you shouldn’t overwhelm your significant other with redundant texts as soon as you two become a couple.

“I know it’s only Wednesday and we made plans for Saturday, but I just wanted to check if you’re still up for [insert agreed upon time or location].” – this what a typical over-the-top text might look like.

You can expect one of the two things to happen: either your partner will respond in the same manner, which will lead them to realizing their affections so early in the relationship (and that’s rarely a good thing) or they’ll vanish into thin air, never to be seen again. In short, don’t send this text or you’ll find yourself in a very bad scenario.

3. Drunk Texting Anyone except Your Best Friend

We have to admit that texting while intoxicated can lead to some pretty hilarious situations. However, this only applies when the recipient of your alcohol-induced jibber jabber is your best friend.

If the person you’re sending a drunken text is anyone else, chances are it’s not going to end well. For example, letting those shots you drank earlier write a text to your ex will probably result in something along the lines of “I miss you so much that my eyes hurt” or “I hate your guts. Screw you for breaking up with me!”

On the other hand, you can let the vodka do the talking while trying to text your parents, which will probably lead to a poorly written and embarrassing confession which you’ll be ashamed of for the rest of your life. In other words, if you like booze, put your phone down while drinking.

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