9 Telltale Signs that Prove He’s still a Boy – Not a Man!

When it comes to dating, both boys and girls want to have a little bit of fun before they decide to settle down forever. Since girls mature faster, they’re usually the ones ready for a serious relationship, while boys are still trying to figure out how to escape from that commitment. This may be a huge problem because women sometimes can’t be sure whether they’re dating an immature boy or a man who is ready for a serious relationship.

how to tell a difference between a man and a boy

In order to help all women out there, we decided to make a list of 9 signs that prove he’s still a boy, not a man!

  1.       He Plays Games

No, we’re not talking about awesome video games, if your guy plays those, that’s not a problem, as long as he’s mature in other aspects of life. We’re talking about unnecessary and immature mind games during a relationship. For example, he doesn’t want to call you first, because he thinks women should call first. This is a definite sign that you’re dating an insecure boy. A real man is confident and doesn’t care who calls first. If he wants to hear from you, he will pick up the phone without hesitation.

how to find out if you're dating a man or a boy


  1.       You’re Not Sure If You’re Actually In A Relationship

Boys don’t like to label things, so it’s sometimes really hard for a woman to actually know whether she’s dating a guy or not. Boys avoid words like “relationship” or “dating” because they don’t want to feel trapped, but actually they’re just avoiding commitment. If they’re saying that they want to keep things casual, run away, because that’s the way immature men think. A grown up man is not afraid of being in a serious, long-term relationship.

differences between dating a man or a boy


  1.       He Has No Plans For The Future

Being in a serious and committed relationship with someone means that you have to think about your future together. However, boys tend to “live in the moment” without ever thinking about the future. If your boyfriend acts like that, you should definitely ask yourself if he is the right partner for you. When a man avoids talking or even thinking about the future, it means he’s not ready to settle down and you don’t want to make plans with that person, trust us.

are you dating a man or a boy


  1.       He Still Lives With His Parents

Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t have to be an instant deal-breaker, but you definitely don’t want to date a guy who still lives with his parents and doesn’t have plans for the future. These guys tend to be rather immature and completely incapable of taking care of themselves. You need a strong and independent man who is ready to support you and take care of you.

how to tell he's immature


  1.       He Acts Like You’re His Mom

This is probably one of the most common signs that may indicate you’re dating an immature boy. Guys who are not able to clean up after themselves and then expect you to do it for them are not the ones you want to date. “Mama’s boys” are incredibly juvenile and that’s rather frustrating. A real man is tidy and knows how to clean up after himself.

dating a man and dating a boy


  1.       He Tends To Lie About Small Stuff Often

People may think that white lies or small lies are not that important, but they can be a pretty bad omen in a serious relationship. If your boyfriend hides things from you or lies to you often about the small stuff, it means he’s too scared to face awkward situations, so he runs away from the truth. You don’t need that guy in your life! A grown up man is always ready to face the music.

immature boyfriend


  1.       He’s Not Ready To Stand Up For You

If you have a boyfriend who doesn’t stand up for you when you get into a confrontation, it’s time to find yourself a new one. Being in a relationship means having each other’s back at all times, and if he’s not ready for that, it means he’s not a real man! Find yourself someone who will be glad to defend your honor, no matter what!

boy vs a man


  1.       He Is All About Winning The Arguments

Don’t get us wrong, arguing in a relationship is a good thing. Two people should have arguments every once in a while in order to sort things out. It means you’re both invested and that you care about your relationship. However, fights and arguments are all about compromising and finding middle ground, not about who is right or who is wrong. If your boyfriend is always trying to “win” the arguments, it means he’s immature and doesn’t know you at all.

men who act like boys


  1.       He’s Constantly Jealous For No Reason Whatsoever

A healthy amount of jealousy is good for the relationship, it shows you still care about your significant other, but being obsessively and compulsively jealous is a sign of weakness. And you don’t want a weak man by your side. If your boyfriend forbids you to see or even talk with your old friends and coworkers, it means he’s very insecure and unstable. You definitely don’t want to have that kind of a person by your side. A real, grown-up man is confident and doesn’t throw tantrums because he’s jealous.

is he a man or a boy


There you go, ladies, 9 signs that may help you determine whether you’re dating a boy or a real man. Be sure to share this info with your girlfriends, it’ll save you from a lot of ‘it isn’t your fault’ talks