9 Awkward Things Girls do on a First Date (and Think Guys Don’t Notice)

A first date strikes a nervous cord with most people, and with good reason. We’re not all blessed with an ability of quick social adapting especially in circumstances where the matters of the heart are involved. That’s exactly why most girls start acting strange and here are the 9 most awkward things almost all of them do!

9 Awkward first date habits

When meeting someone for the first time, or at least meeting them “officially” in a romantic sense, we’re all horrified by the idea of saying or doing something stupid. And as with all things, the fear of fear itself is worse than the actual situation we’re supposed to deal with. While other fears have the ability of motivating us for better, greater things, this one only results in incredibly awkward dates and unusual behavior.

Although it’s pretty difficult to pin-point who’s worse at the “first date” game, women usually have a higher probability of doing or saying something awkward and unnecessary because they tend to be more nervous.

In order to help out all females who are nervously counting hours before a first date, here are 9 things they should avoid doing during that encounter at all costs.

1. Talking About Their Ex(es)

No one wants to listen about your ex, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re saying how wonderful or how horrid he was. There should be no ex talk on a date, especially not on a first one. The whole point of dating is to see if there’s a possibility of establishing a healthy, long-term partnership between two people, and by talking about the past you’re only sending a signal that you’re not ready to move on.

2. Laugh at Everything

If a guy makes you laugh, feel free to show it – even more so, it’s encouraging to get a great feedback like that. However, do not, and we repeat, do not laugh at a guy’s jokes just because you should even if you don’t find him to be particularly funny.

3. Bat Their Lashes Like Crazy

As a woman, you’re blessed with a certain kind of elegance and charm that a man couldn’t ever possess. However, that doesn’t mean you should rely on your feminine charm alone to get through life, not even on a date. Batting your lashes like you’re having a seizure and forcing your charm onto a guy may end up in a completely opposite result.

4. Constantly Check Themselves Out

Superficial people have an amazing way of getting on people’s nerves, especially on a date. It’s one thing to be proud of the way you look and to feel comfortable in your own skin. However, it’s a completely different story to be obsessed with your physical appearance, and to pay no attention to your date. Some women are more concerned about how they look at all times than with the quality of the date they’re having.

First Date

5. Text Their Friends About Their Date

Of course you’re going to dish out to your closest friends about the date you went on in detail, but at least wait until the date is over! Texting your friends about your date while on the date is not just annoying and awkward, it’s completely rude and inconsiderate.

6. Avoid Eating

One of the most awkward things that a girl can do on a date is, of course, not eating. Nerves may strike your appetite down, and it’s normal to aim to give a good impression but since when does that include not acting like a human being? If you’re hungry – eat! If you’re not – suggest drinks instead of dinner.

7. Ask About Their Date’s Relationship With His Mother

A man’s relationship with his mother may say a lot about his attitude towards women, however, asking about a sensitive subject like that on a first date will make you look a bit crazy. Leave that stuff for later. How would you react if your date asked about your relationship with your father?

8. Marriage/Kids Talk

The ultimate goal of dating is finding someone compatible for a love/life partnership, and that goal usually includes marriage and kids. However, going straight for the kids/marriage talk will freak your date out! Give yourself a break, relax, and enjoy your date’s company instead of going for the kill.

9. Share Too Much, Too Soon

Getting to know your date (and vice versa) is something that doesn’t need to be forced. You’ll figure each other out by the end of the date. But try to avoid sharing too much with them from the get go! Imagine how awkward would you feel if your date went on and on about his life and about every little feeling or thought he ever had in the first hour of your acquaintance.

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