7 Compliments That Will Blow Them Away

Compliments are one of the most important things when it comes to communication between people. Here are the 7 awesome compliments that will blow everyone away.

7 Compliments That Will Blow Them Away

One of the biggest parts of dating, flirting, and meeting new people is knowing how to compliment them. That compliment doesn’t necessarily need to be romantic or sexual, people love complimenting each other on literally anything. From hairstyles, clothes, general style to taste in music and movies. However, some compliments became cheesy over years and by saying them you may sound insincere to some people. Therefore, in order to prevent something like that from happening, we decided to share with you 7 unique compliments that will blow people away! Stick around and find out what they are.

1. “I Love Your Style”

This is a big one! People love hearing this because it gives them the confidence to be free and completely natural. If you say something like “I love that dress” or “those shoes are nice” you won’t actually be complimenting their style, you’ll just be stating the fact that you find those shoes appealing. If you praise someone’s overall style, you’re actually saying “you are classy and I love it”. Trust us, these words are music to everyone’s ears.

2. “I Feel Safe With You”

When a woman says this to a man, she literally blows his mind! For a man, there is no bigger compliment than this one. Men love to feel like they’re the ones who protect their ladies, it makes them feel important and strong. Therefore, if a woman says she feels safe around him, his confidence will go through the roof!

3. “Can You Give Me Your Opinion On Something?”

This is a compliment hidden in the form of a question, but it’s pretty obvious. If you say this to your friend, partner or a coworker, you’re actually saying that you value their opinion and their insight. They will know that you trust them and that means a lot to people.

4. “I Love Your Taste In Music”

Music plays an enormous role in everyone’s life, so saying something remotely like this will mean a great deal to everyone. Just remember how good you feel about yourself when someone compliments your taste in movies, TV shows or books for example. All of these things are important, but music has a special place in everyone’s life.

5. “You Make Me Laugh”

This one is pretty awesome too. If you say this to your best friend or your significant other for instance, you will definitely make their day. People love the feeling they get when they make others laugh, just ask any comedian in the world. It’s a feeling like no other, really. To have such power, it’s simply amazing. So compliment away, but be careful, you don’t want them to become cocky.

6. “You’re One Of A Kind”

There are more than 7 billion people in the world, but every single one of them desires to be unique and special. There’s no shame in that, we’re all individuals, so that is a completely natural feeling. However, when people hear a compliment like this from someone else, it means a world to them. Bear that in mind next time you need to encourage someone.

7. “You Will Be A Great Mother/Father One Day”

This particular compliment means a great deal to people simply because every single one of us dreams of having a family one day and imagining yourself as a parent can be pretty scary. These kind words will put everybody’s mind at ease and give them that much-needed confidence and strength to keep pursuing this dream.

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