6 Offensive “Compliments” You Should Stop Saying to Women

Have you ever offended a woman by trying to compliment her? You probably have. If you don’t want to do it again, here are some offensive “compliments” you should stop saying to women.

offensive compliments

Dating can sometimes be extremely confusing. Especially for men who are trying to amaze, woo, and court beautiful ladies. Because of that, men can sometimes be rather offensive (unknowingly) when pursuing the fairer sex. Complimenting a woman is a good thing, don’t get us wrong, but there is a rather thin line between a compliment and a sugar-coated insult that you should never say to a lady.

We understand it’s quite tricky to find a sweet spot and some kind of balance when it comes to complimenting women and that’s exactly why we decided to share with you 6 offensive “compliments” you should definitely stop saying.

1. “You Look Great Today”

Just don’t say this or anything like this ever again to a woman. By saying “you look great today” you’re implying she didn’t look good yesterday or the day before. It’s rather offensive and although women often let that one slide, they’ll resent you for it. A simple “you look great, as always” is what you should say if you don’t want to sound offensive.

2. “You Look Thin! Have You Been Working Out?”

If you ever said this to a woman, go and apologize for it right now! After you do that, come back here to see why you should never say this to a lady. When you say this, you’re automatically telling her that she’s been fat before. At least fat by your standards. Even strong and confident women tend to feel a bit insecure about their look, so don’t mess with their minds. Avoid saying something like this if you ever want to get laid again.

3. “You’re Pretty Smart For A Girl”

First, a moment of silence for every guy who ever said this to a woman in an attempt to compliment her. Now, we feel like it’s pretty self-explanatory why you should never EVER say this to a woman, but we’ll explain it anyway, just in case. When you say someone is “pretty smart for a girl”, you’re practically saying women, as a gender, are not that smart at all. Let that sink in, and you won’t be saying or thinking something like that ever again.

4. “You Have A Great Personality”

Ugh, this one hurts like hell! Of course, having a great personality is awesome, but if you’re on a date with a girl that likes you very much and you say to her that you like her personality, she will automatically hear it as “you’re not pretty or hot, but you’re a great buddy”. Therefore, please avoid saying this to a woman, especially if that woman has a crush on you.

5. “You Look Fantastic For Your Age”

Oh, boy! If you ever say this to a woman, run, run like hell and don’t look back! Just kidding, but it’s actually very offensive to say this. By saying something like this, not only that you’re stating the fact that woman you’re speaking to might be a little bit older (like she doesn’t know that), you’re shoving it in her face in a horrible, misogynistic fashion. Experienced and more mature women are beautiful human beings and you should never say something like this ever again.

6. “I like a girl with meat on her bones.”

Ok, remember this – if you want to compliment a girl without offending her, for God’s sake, DO NOT mention her weight! Women can be really insecure when it comes to their weight, so the best strategy is to steer clear of commenting on her physical appearance. A simple “You look great!” will suffice, no need to go into details. That way you’ll make her feel good about herself and that should be your only mission.

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