5 Conversation Openers Best for Chatting

You met someone new and you don’t know how to start a conversation? Well, no worries, we have just what you need! Check out these 5 great conversation openers that are best for chatting.

5 Conversation Openers Best for Chatting

When you meet someone new, light chatting is one of the most important parts of the early communication, at least until you find a way to bond on a deeper level. You may think that chatting is easy, but the art of chit chat is actually much more complicated than you ever imagined. When you’re picturing the conversation in your head, everything goes smoothly, but once you find yourself in front of the person you like, it all becomes so confusing. You don’t know what to say, you start to get nervous and before you know it, you end up saying something weird and inappropriate. In order to help you master the art of chatting, we picked out 5 cool conversation openers that work 100% of the time.

1. “Tell Me The 3 Weird Things That Happened To You Today”

This conversation opener is pretty effective simply because it’s unconventional. Most people just ask “how was your day”, but that is rather boring. People don’t quite know how to answer that vague question, so they just say “fine” and then go silent. This is bad for the communication, so asking something unconventional and unexpected will definitely open up the conversation. They’ll have something specific to talk about, and you’ll come across as an interesting and unique individual. It’s a win-win!

2. “If You Could Travel Through Time, When And Where Would You Go?”

Wow, this is an awesome question, especially if you’re on a date with a Whovian (Doctor Who fan). Not only that you’ll be stepping out of some boring, everyday aspects of your life, but you’ll also have a unique chance to find out more about your date’s dreams and desires. You can go anywhere by simply talking with your date, so use that chance to travel through time and space. Let that conversation be a Tardis for two.

3. “Tell Me The Strangest Thing About The Place You Grew Up In”

“Where are you from?” is your safety if the conversation goes silent, but that question is boring and you won’t get an awesome response. Instead, try asking your date about weird things that happened in their hometown. Every place has some urban legends and myths, so use them to get the conversation going. Talking about these things gets the adrenalin going and that’s always a good thing.

4. “What’s Your Wildest Dream?”

When you’re opening a conversation with someone, you should try to be as specific as you possibly can. This cool question is pretty specific because everyone, even the most modest person has a wild dream that they want to share with someone. Also, this great question will make you seem extremely interested and invested in what they have to say and most people will know how to appreciate that.

5. “What Are Your Favorite TV Shows, Movies, And Books?”

We saved the best for last! Movies, books and TV shows are huge parts of everyone’s life and every person out there is bound to have some favorites, right? Well, there’s your chance to spark up the conversation and a healthy debate about these aspects of art. Tell them your favorite movies and TV shows and let them tell you theirs, then you can compare your preferences. Maybe you have the same taste in music too and who knows, during the conversation you may find out about more awesome stuff that will complete your collection. Just don’t get to emotional if they don’t like the same things as you. Play it cool and calmly tell them what they’re missing.

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