4 Types of Girls You Should Never Date

There are many different women out there in the dating world, so before you dive in, take a look into the types of girls that you should avoid at all costs.

4 Types of Girls You Should Never Date

Let’s face it – dating isn’t easy. If it were so, there would be no single, lonely or unhappy people in the world. But aside from knowing what to do and when to do it, you also need to carefully choose which type of woman suits you best. And while we all have are preferences, here are the 4 types of girls you should never, ever date.

The Gold-Digger

We’ll start with the most obvious type of girl every sane man should avoid. You know those chicks who dig your car, your apartment, your career and your money but will dump you as soon as things go downhill for you financially? Yeah, we’re talking about gold-diggers.

They’re easy to recognize, but not that easy to get rid of. Gold-diggers will try very hard to sway you into giving them as much as possible without ever giving you anything real in return. In other words, stay as far away from these harpies as you can.

The Control Freak

Nobody likes a control freak. They are obstructive, they don’t care about anyone’s opinion, and they’ll do whatever it takes to control each and every situation they find themselves in, no matter how trivial it might be.

Here’s how you know you’ve stumbled into Ms. Bossy Pants: she will tell you what to order during dinner, how to chew your food, where to place your fork after you’re done eating, how to call the waiter and how to ask for a check, and so on. If you let her, she will literally micromanage your life, which isn’t something you want.

The Drama Queen

Oh, here’s a real doozy. We’ve all had encounters with girls who can snap and cause a scene in a blink of an eye, with or without an apparent reason. And if you think they’re better when they’re in a relationship, you’re so wrong you just might make her cause another scene!

Drama Queens is, well, literally that – a Queen of Drama. Everywhere she goes, everything she does, and everyone she meets suffers her nonsensical need to spark the blame-game, tears, screaming, and sometimes even violence. She will never admit that it’s her fault, as she strongly believes the world is out to get her, and you don’t want to be a part of that world, buddy.

The Airhead

Everyone loves to slowly get to know a person once a relationship starts. We all take joy in peeling away layer after layer of someone’s personality, intellect, and preferences, but what happens if after all that you don’t really find anything in the girl you’re dating?

In this case, you’ve got yourself an airheaded girl. She never really bothered deepening herself with any knowledge, interests, dislikes, or personality traits, which means dating her closely resembles sitting down for dinner with a good-looking brick. If the woman you’re dating has the personality of a lobster and as many interests as an average sloth, you should probably just get up and leave because there’s nothing there for you.

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