4 Telltale Signs that Your Partner is not Attracted to You Anymore

Any healthy relationship needs a certain dose of attraction. When that spark starts to fade, it’s only a matter of time before our significant other completely loses interest in us. In order to prevent this, here are some red flags that will indicate your partner isn’t attracted to you anymore.

4 Telltale Signs that Your Partner is not Attracted to You Anymore

There’s a really good reason why the term “puppy love” exists. At the beginning of any relationship, two people are the most attracted to one another, and as their relationship progresses, the mutual attraction fluctuates a lot. This is a very normal phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean it can’t lead to a bad result.

We all know what happens after our significant other doesn’t find us attractive anymore. So, for all of you who want to prevent the attraction spark from going out, here are a few signs that your partner isn’t that into you anymore.

1. Lack of Physical Contact

Although being attracted to someone usually involves both emotional and psychological aspects, for the most part, it’s a physical instinct. Every person needs to have someone close to them, as physical contact is one of the most primordial needs that humans still have.

If you notice your partner avoids touching you in general, you might have a situation on your hands. This includes both the simplest of gestures, such as cuddling, holding hands, and kissing, as well as more intimate ones like spooning and sex.

2. Sex Becomes Very Bad

In order to get one’s engine running, attraction must be present. This means that those who aren’t attracted to the person they’re having sex with often do it out of habit or simply to satisfy the other party.

A lack of attraction is primarily noticed through a poor sexual experience. Your partner rarely (if at all) shows emotions, makes an effort, or reaches climax during the act – all of these are clear sings that there is something wrong between you two, so act fast if you don’t want to get to the next step of a dying relationship.

3. Sex is Non-Existent

If you thought that having sex with your partner being very similar to “doing it” with a blow-up doll is the worst possible scenario, you were wrong. An even worse situation is the one where sex doesn’t even exist.
Let’s face it – we’ve all gone through sex droughts, whether with or without a partner. But if you didn’t have intercourse with your significant other in a very long time and if they choose masturbation over giving you that sweet, sweet love, you’re probably looking at a relationship where only one of you is attracted to the other.

4. Treating You Differently

Everyone knows that we all have different ways of treating our family, our friends, and our partners. And while these ways may vary from person to person, it’s a very bad sign if suddenly your S.O. no longer treats you as a partner but starts behaving like you’re his/her family member or friend.

The only difference between your partner and your friends is that you see the former as a sexual being. We don’t really need to discuss why family and significant others are different, so with that in mind, you can understand why nobody wants to experience the moment when our partners stop seeing us as their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives.

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