4 Habits That Reveal A Lot About Someone’s Character

Our habits are something we pay a lot of attention to, yet they can tell a lot about our personality and character.

4 Habits That Reveal A Lot About Someone's Character

You know how we do about a thousand different, small things every day that we give no meaning to? Things like walking, brushing our teeth, pouring coffee into our mug and similar stuff are basically routine actions that we don’t pay attention to, yet – believe it or not – these can tell us a lot about our character. With that in mind, here are four scientifically proven facts about habitual actions and their connection to our motivations and personality.

1. Toilet Paper and Assertiveness

Before you get any crazy ideas, let’s just clarify that we’re not talking about the link between the toilet paper brand that you’re buying and how assertive you might be. Instead, we’re pointing out that there is a connection between the way you hang your toilet paper and your assertiveness in a relationship.

Gilda Carle, a relationship expert, conducted a survey that involved 2,000 men and women. She asked them how they hang their toilet paper and then handed them a survey regarding how assertive they were in their relationships.

The results, as Carle told The Independent, suggest if your toilet paper is rolled over you’re bound to be more dominant, while those who roll theirs under are generally more submissive.

2. Emails and Personality Traits

We don’t pay much attention to how we write our emails, do we? All that matters is that we’ve said everything we wanted to say and that it has been sent to the right recipient. However, there are more things that a simple email can uncover if you look closely enough.

Psychologist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic wrote on Fast Company that the things you mention in your email can reveal if you’re an extrovert or a narcissist. After analyzing his own email inbox, he came to the following conclusion: extroverts usually mention more fun-related things, such as parties, friends, and music, while narcissistic individuals mostly talk about themselves (as you could expect) and often use the words “I,” “mine” and “me.”

3. Phone Addiction and Emotional Stability

In this modern age, nearly everyone has at least one mobile device close at hand at any given time. This is also why rarely any of us notice how addicted we are to our phones, but as science claims, there’s a relationship between this habit and our emotional stability.

A 2015 study led by James A. Roberts, PhD, at Baylor University, has proven that emotional instability can be used as a key predictor to phone addiction. After questioning 346 college students, Roberts came to the conclusion that those get easily agitated and stressed are more likely to spend more time than they should on their cell phones.

4. Eating Habits and Your Approach To Life

We know this one sounds like a stretch, but there’s actually proof of food-related behaviors being connected to our personalities.

When Juliet Boghossian, a L.A.-based behavioral food expert, spoke to The Huffington Post, she revealed that slow eaters also show signs of a controlling and life-loving personality. Furthermore, it also turns out that people who often eat things they haven’t tried before are likewise adventurous in life, and that those who separate different foods on their plate tend to be more disciplined and detail oriented.

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