Zoe Saldana Announces the Existence of Her Third Son on Instagram

Well, this escalated quickly! Hollywood A-lister Zoe Saldana happily announced on Saturday, February 18th, that she and her husband, Marco Perego Saldana, welcomed their third baby boy into this world and their family!

The joyous news was shared via the famous actress’ Instagram account, and it’s quickly becoming one of the trendiest photo on this social network as we speak.

The Avatar star wrote a caption that perfectly captures the excitement and pure joy of becoming a parent, saying “Marco and I are elated to share the news of the the birth of our son Zen. We couldn’t feel more blessed with the new addition to our family. #threeboys… Oh boy!”

Saldana, who is currently one of the biggest acting stars in the world thanks to her roles in huge blockbusters like Star Trek and Guardians of the Galaxy, had not recently been pregnant. It’s still unclear whether the newest addition to her and Marco’s family, named Zen, came into the family via a surrogate or adoption.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter as much as the boy’s happiness and health. Zoe and Marco already have toddler twin boys, and they are one of the most admired parents in show business.

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