UBER RIDE: An Epic Tale of Attraction, Scheming and Betrayal!

kelli amirah and uber driver
Kelli Amirah


Fortune favors the bold, they say. A 19-year-old college student tested that maxim recently when her Uber driver turned out to be too uber-fine to resist…

Howard University coed Kelli Amirah’s romantic story has more twists and turns than an M. Night Shyamalan movie, more emotional ups and downs than Shakespeare. It all starts when – but no, it’s best to let Kelli tell the story in her own words.

Readers who are no longer 19 and not attending college may benefit from the knowledge that “bet” signifies agreement, as in “you can bet on it.”

It turned out that Kelli’s Uber driver looked as good as he sounded.

As soon as Kelli lays eyes on the driver she concocts a plan to ask for his phone number – to “shoot her shot,” as the college kids say. But she is nervous.

Kelli enlists her friend – who is also in the car – in brainstorming plans to get the driver’s phone number.

That’s when inspiration strikes. The lovestruck coed realizes she can leave something behind. It’s like Cinderalla’s glass slipper. When the driver finds it in his car he’ll have to seek her out to return it.

Kelli’s plan is in motion! She has left her iPhone charger in the Uber. Now she can contact Uber and summon her driver. Small talk will naturally ensue, and no doubt romance will bloom. They might as well be Melanie Griffith and Tom Hanks. Kelli has thought of everything.

But fate has other ideas.

Disappointed, Kelli stops calling the driver. She has not only lost the chance to shoot her shot, but she has also lost her iPhone charger, apparently forever. Fate can be cruel.

Resigned to the failure of her romantic scheme, Kelli fills out the form to tell Uber about the charger she left behind. She may not get a date with the handsome driver, but at least she may get her phone charger back.

Then, when she least expects it, Cupid comes through.

Encouraged, Kelli resolves that when the driver arrives with her charger she will muster her courage and ask him out. She arranges the rendezvous with a soaring heart.

Prince Charming lets Kelli know that he is steering his Uber toward her home…and she panics.

Resourceful as always, Kelli asks the driver to give her a few minutes so she can freshen up.

Faced with the reality of actually asking the driver out, Kelli has an attack of nerves. She calls upon friends to help her overcome her anxiety.

The moment arrives.

It’s now-or-never time.


Don’t you just love a happy ending?

But don’t ring down the curtain just yet. It turns out the final scene in this drama has yet to be played out.

After concocting the plan, successfully leaving her charger behind, summoning the driver back, and asking him out…Kelli is disappointed to learn that he is married. Her romance has become a farce.

Kelli and the uber-hot driver didn’t make a love connection this time, but there may be a bright side. The story is such a dramatic roller coaster Hollywood is bound to come calling. What a movie it would make! Kelli can play herself onscreen, of course. Maybe Ryan Gosling is available to play the driver.

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