Top 4 Legitimate Reasons to End a First Date

There may be many reasons why you’re not into someone and sitting though an entire date with them can be a nightmare. Getting up and leaving is perfectly legitimate and even preferred so you don’t waste anyone’s time. It’s actually fair!

Top 4 Legitimate Reasons to End a First Date

We’ve all been there, the horror of an awful first date. Granted, no one has ever found anyone special without going on their fair share of terrible first dates, but sometimes you just feel the universe could give you a break already.

Well, it certainly could, and we’re positive you deserve it, but until that happens feel free to end all those dreadful first dates as soon as you realize you don’t want to see that person ever again.

There’s no point in delaying the inevitable, so use the “Something bad happened” excuse Carrie-Bradshaw style, and just get up and leave.
Feel free to do that if…

1. You’re Getting A Bad Vibe

Sometimes there is chemistry between two people, and sometimes you just feel completely indifferent towards someone. And yet there is that third feeling when you think something is just off for whatever reason. You don’t have to put a name on it, you don’t even have to explain it. It’s more than enough that you feel it and know that something just doesn’t add up there. Politely excuse yourself and say that “something bad happened” and that you have to leave. You’ll feel relieved the moment you get out of there.

2. Your Date Is Rude To Everyone But You

This is an awful situation where you can feel embarrassed for being with someone who’s rude to the waiter, other patrons of the bar or even random people on the street for no apparent reason. Such rude behavior is extremely off-putting even if the person you’re out with is nice to you. Not only are you embarrassed, but you also know that it’s only a matter of time before they snap at you as well. You can give your ‘ending-the-first-date’ excuse or you can just take your purse and hit the road. If you do that maybe they’ll get the message loud and clear and stop being, well, impolite.

3. You Don’t Like The Person

If you’re not enjoying your date and are positive you wouldn’t want to see that person again there is no reason to waste anyone’s time. You don’t have to just sit there looking at your watch waiting for ‘enough’ time to pass before you can feel comfortable to say you’re leaving. We’re all adults, and the person sitting across from you will definitely understand. Heck, in half an hour they may even be on another date just so that their night off doesn’t get ruined. If you feel like it, you can explain that you’re not feeling the chemistry and don’t want to lead anyone on so it’s best that you just take your things and leave.

4. Your Catch Your Date Lying

If you catch your date misrepresenting themselves or lying for whatever reason you have every right to end the date right on the spot. You don’t even have to explain yourself, although you can because the person might think twice about doing that again, you never know. The point is, you don’t owe a liar anything, not even an explanation or apology for leaving. There will always be other dates and other opportunities so just dust yourself off and move on as quickly as you can.

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