When Technology Betrays Cheaters: 3 Clues to Catch Them Cheating

Technology makes it very tricky to hide anything nowadays, and this goes for proof of cheating as well. If you suspect your partner may be stepping out on you using technology to prove it is super-easy.

Clues to Catch Them Cheating

Thanks to technology it has never been more difficult to hide wrongdoing. At the same time, it has never been easier to have an affair and fall off the beaten path of a happy home. Whether you suspect your partner of having an affair or you just want to be prepared if that happens you definitely have technology on your side. Today, we explore the easiest ways to catch your partner being naughty with someone else.

1. Knowing Their Passwords Doesn’t Hurt

If you’ve been with someone for some time it’s normal to share passwords or check each other’s Viber or Facebook messages for all sorts of reasons, such as your girlfriend/wife being in the bathroom getting ready to go meet up with a friend when she gets a message on her phone, and she wants you to check it because it could be something important. That’s your chance to browse though her phone and see if there’s anything there she wouldn’t want you doing. We’re not saying you should obsess about controlling your girlfriend/wife and always checking up on her, but if you suspect something her phone is a great source of information when it’s not actually attached to her hand or head.

2. Email is Still Popular

We do have all sorts of apps we use for communication nowadays, but e-mails have never actually gone out of style. If you suspect your lady might be cheating her e-mail may hold clues that can point you in the right direction. That being said, you want to make sure you know of all her e-mail accounts, and if you discover she has one that she forgot to tell you about you definitely might be onto something. Ladies who are having affairs or have secret crushes can get forgetful especially if they have busy lives and lots of ground to cover in a day. Browsing though her sent e-mails as well as her inbox messages when she’s not around may reveal more than you bargained for. Countless people have been caught cheating because they forgot to delete incriminating messages or maybe they wanted to get caught. Either way, if you’re looking for proof her Yahoo account or Gmail may have it for you.

3. Toll Pass History

We live in a world where everyone is constantly being watched and where it’s as easy as pie to trace anyone’s steps. Take toll pass history, for instance. You can check the statement of your E-ZPass or any other toll service that you and your partner use and if there is any unusual activity it will pop right out. Was your wife in New Jersey at the time when she was supposed to be at work in mid-town Manhattan? If yes, don’t accuse her of anything yet, and try to gather all the evidence you can before you present it. Let’s keep in mind that you may be wrong about this and showing unfounded mistrust in your partner can really hurt you. Also, if you find evidence of an affair print it out and keep it until the opportune moment to avoid having your smoking gun being deleted.

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