Paula Patton Accuses Robin Thicke of Domestic Abuse

Just when we thought that these two were finally swimming into calmer waters, Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are in the drama news yet again! The former couple’s newest court documents have fallen into the hands of the media, and they showcase a truly troubling scene.

Paula Patton

According to the documents, Patton is accusing Thicke of physically assaulting her, cheating on her multiple times, ad having a serious cocaine problem. Both of them are seeking temporary sole custody of their son. However, the judge denied Thicke’s request, and granted Patton a temporary domestic violence restraining order. Thicke is ordered to stay away from his ex-wife, their son, and Paula’s mother Joyce.

In the documents, 41-year-old Paula claims that the “Blurred Lines” singer threatened that he would “bash her head in,” cheated on her on with numerous women, and even attempted to cheat on her in the bungalow while she slept. In the papers, Paula alleges that the singer defended himself by saying that he was unable to cheat on her in their bungalow due to the amount of cocaine he used that evening (which made him unable to perform).

The documents also show Paula stating that 39-year-old Thicke had a “manicure and pedicure party for six naked women” in their family home. This party allegedly happened after the separation, and after Thicke’s attempts to get his wife back. Patton also states that when Robin agreed to a divorce, he told her that he had “very little money left and that he would end up living in an apartment in the Valley.”

The brunette also adds that her ex-husband later pledged to never use drugs again in front of their son Julian, which caused her to agree on an amicable divorce. Yet, Julian has since been affected by his father’s drug abuse problem, according to Patton.

Alas, the drama doesn’t end there!

Patton herself is under investigation by the LA County Department of Children and Family Services for emotional abuse of their son. Thicke is claiming that “she has intentionally tried to alienate Julian from Robin.” Paula previously accused Thicke of abusing her son, after Julian allegedly told his principal and school’s mediator that Robin had hurt him. Naturally, the school contacted child services. Thick denied all wrongdoings and stated that he “used light spanking on very rare occasions and only as a last resort” on his son, which is consistent with the law, as well with his and Paula’s parenting methods.

Hopefully, the former couple will settle their bitter differences this year, for the sake of their son Julian. One thing is certain, though – this situation proves that not all publicity is good publicity.

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