Like a Pro: College Student Grades Ex-Girlfriend’s Apology Letter and Sends it Back

You can be sure you’re a big baller when something you did goes viral. One man from Florida recently became every guy’s hero when did something quite unexpected with a letter his ex-girlfriend sent to him. And naturally, all that is funny and has some shock value ends up on the internet sooner or later.

Like a Pro- College Student Grades Ex-Girlfriend’s Apology Letter and Sends it Back

After dating for eight months, Florida’s Nick Lutz and his unnamed ex-girlfriend, called it quits. The college student revealed that he broke it off because she started hiding her phone about four months into their relationships. To make things worse, he heard through the grapevine that his lover had code names for guys in her contact list. Naturally, the University of Central Florida student decided that that was not a relationship he wanted to be in.

After getting caught, the cheating girlfriend decided to write Nick an apology letter. However, she probably never imagined that her letter would wind up on the internet – graded, in fact! When the long letter reached Lutz’s hands (and red pen, obviously), he took the opportunity to give his ex a free lesson in writing and editing, not to mention some solid critiques.

The destined-to-be Professor Lutz wrote that her opening statement was “overly long with lots of repetition,” and completely without a proper indent. He further explained that his ex-lover made a “strong statement,” however, she had “no supporting details to support her hypothesis.”

On the second page, Lutz pointed out that his ex’s letter could use more details (on her many, many wrongdoings), and that “loose” is not the same as “lose.” Ouch. Getting caught in the act of cheating is bad enough, but when the person you cheated on corrects your grammar, you can be sure that a few months of depression are heading your way.

As the writing continues, Professor Nick criticizes his ex-girlfriend’s “lackadaisical handwriting” and her “overuse of useless fillers.” And finally, after correcting his ex’s “I love you” in the final page with a question mark, Lutz gives her a D-. On the other hand, she should be happy than he didn’t grade her relationship expertise!

Ultimately, this example of modern revenge proves that being a grammar Nazi has, in fact, many perks. And while some say that Lutz comes off as a pretentious prick, others praise his originality. Either way, the deed has been done, it had a strong impact, and the internet is absolutely thrilled that it did!

Then again, the internet is thrilled about a lot of things. Or, as the author of the letter would say, “alot.”

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