Israeli Burger King Created a Kinky Happy Meal for Adults… and it’s BRILLIANT!

The Burger King in Israel decided to grant its customers with an amazing Valentine’s Day offer, and it’s an offer only a few could ever dare to refuse – especially if they completely forgot about “the most romantic day of the year!”

Leo Butnett Israel
Leo Burnett Israel

The corporation figured out that it’s not fair that only children’s meals are “happy,” and therefore they’ve created a “happy meal” for adults – consisted of food, drinks, and something quite special. The Adults Meal definitely has a grownup edge to it, and it apart from two Whoppers, two fries, and two beers, it also contains an adult toy! It’s a happy meal, indeed!

Who thought that the people in Israel were so goddamn kinky?

Well, it turns out that they might not be as kinky as the commercial for the Adult Meal might suggest. And if they are, their excitement might turn into disappointment as soon as they open the box.

The “sex toys” in option are a tickler, a head massager, and a blindfold, and they’re a far cry from the BDSM equipment that true fans of kink like. However, they’re still an excellent way of normalizing and promoting sexuality and sex-positivity, which is definitely something the world needs. And after all, it’s a fun, new way of celebrating Valentine’s Day if you’ve grown tired of the same old “dinner and candlelight” cliché.

One thing is for certain – “food porn” has been taken to a whole new level, and there are some people who find the smell of fast food arousing! Don’t be surprised if the spark of sexual imagination lights up in your head next time when you’re standing in a line in a fast-food joint.

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