Birds of a Feather Date Together: 3 Reasons to Date Someone Who’s Just Like You at Least Once

Dating someone who’s just like you is fun because you’ll finish each others sentences and understand what’s behind that facade we all have in a much better way.

Birds of a Feather Date Together- 3 Reasons to Date Someone Who’s Just Like You at Least Once

Dating someone who’s just like you means dating someone you’re compatible with on so many levels, which often means having plenty of things to talk about, wanting to visit the same places, having a similar taste in music and maybe even food. Dating someone who’s just like you may mean you come from the same background and social status, which certainly doesn’t hurt your chances of establishing a long-term relationship.

Dating different sorts of people is great if you want to see what’s out there, get to know the dating scene a little better, and explore your options. Dating someone who’s like you is awesome if you want to find a soulmate.

Let’s explore those reasons for dating someone just like you in more depth, and see what the advantages to it are.

Reason #1: Similar Likes and Dislikes

When you date someone who’s like you, you won’t have to sit though another sci-fi movie if you don’t want to, eat Indian food if you don’t like it or listen to rap music if that’s not your thing because chances are your compatible date will not want to do any of those things either! Also, if you’ve never had a chance to go to Cambodia because nobody would go with you, now is your time! Your compatible date is likely to be interested in that too because why wouldn’t they want to see an exotic place that is on the other side of the planet?!

Reason #2: Your Friends Will Like Them

In all likelihood, your friends are just like you and they won’t have a problem accepting your compatible date. You’ll have more things to do together because you won’t have to choose between going out with your friends and spending time with your partner that often. You’ll all want to see the same movie, go to the same concert and dine at the same restaurants. What’s more, your partner will become great friends with your friends and be accepted as an equal part of the group, which can make life much more easier, interesting and exciting. Think of all the trips or classes you could take together and all the things you’ll enjoy as a group of friends who understand each other perfectly.

Reason #3: Opposites Attract, Nothing Else

It’s true that opposites attract, but that attraction is usually short-lived. Once it fades away all you’re left with is the fact that you have very little in common, very few things you can do together and barely anything to talk about. And when you’re too different it’s hard to enjoy all those things you’d actually enjoy with someone who was more like you. At the end of the day you’re left with someone in awkward silence. On the contrary, when you’re spending time with someone who’s more similar to you, there are so many things to do and so little time! You’ll understand each other better and be able to build a relationship based on that mutual understanding and admiration.

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