Big Sean – Big Slap: Rapper Attacked in Queens

It’s not always easy being a celebrity. On one hand, you have millions of fans who love you and worship every breath you take. On the other hand, you have at least a couple hundred of people who hate your guts. Famous rapper Big Sean got a taste of the latter, when a man attacked him in Queens.

Big Sean - Big Slap- Rapper Attacked in Queens

The incident happened on Friday night, February 17th, at a Queens record store. According to eye witnesses and the “Bounce Back” hitmaker himself, an unnamed man attacked Big Sean, and while doing so, slapped the rapper right across his face!

People who were at the scene of the crime (or should we say, scene of the slap?) took to their phones to capture the awkward and probably hurtful situation. However, they only managed to capture the moment when the attacker was pounded to the floor by Big Sean’s bodyguards.

It’s still unclear why the man attacked the “Moves” rapper. Big Sean took to Twitter to explain his disbelief and confusion, saying that the incident happened after he signed the guy’s CD.

One thing is definitely for certain – Big Sean’s bodyguards did not care for reasons when they took the man down, and called the police. Cops took over and arrested the attacker, but it’s yet to be discussed whether Big Sean will press charges.

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