9 Creative Christmas Gifts Every Boyfriend Secretly Wants

The holiday season has officially begun and the seasonal panic mode is slowly but surely setting in like high-quality snow on the cold winter ground. As Santa finishes up his Naughty and Nice list, human beings are just starting to create their own lists of family members, friends, colleagues, and of course, intimate partners, according to which they’ll purchase mostly unnecessary stuff to show off their affection towards those people. Alas, it’s the season to be jolly, and nothing spreads joy as much as keeping capitalism alive and well!

On a brighter note, it’s nice to receive a gift but it’s even better to give one. However, if you truly care about someone, you can’t just grab anything at your local grocery store and call it a day. A well thought-of gift that has been carefully picked out and made to be absolutely perfect for the recipient can really make a point about your relationship. And even though we shouldn’t judge the relationships we have with our loved ones based on how much money they spend on us, we somehow always gravitate either towards that parameter, or towards the amount of time they’ve spent of thinking what to get us. So, in order to avoid being proclaimed as the Grinch of your family/friend circle, you better start planning and shopping! Especially if you want to get something special for your boyfriend, because we all know that there’s no harder task than getting your man a gift he’ll both love and use.

creative christmas gifts

Although men always complain about how hard it is to gift a woman with something they want, getting something for them isn’t exactly a walk in the park. There’s just so much to choose from, and no one wants to end up looking at a subtle shade of disappointment on their man’s face (which he tries to hide but fails, nonetheless). So, what to get him?

The key word is creativity! As you probably don’t want to get him the exact same thing his mother got him, you need to step out of the box and channel your inner gifting goddess. To help you out, we’ve assembled a couple of awesome suggestions.

  1. A Hyper Chiller for the On-The-Go Guy

If your boyfriend likes his beverages cold as ice but dislikes the dulling taste of actual ice, the Hyper Chiller is the perfect thing to get him, especially if you live in a hot, humid area. If this gift seems a bit “cold” (no pun intended), then you can always pair it up with something a bit more personal.

hyper chiller


  1. A Fancy Vacuum Beard Trimmer for the Bearded Fellow

Dating a guy who sports the woodsman look? Have no fear because we’ve got you covered! Not only is a state of the art, fancy beard trimmer amazingly useful, but it will also show that you appreciate his individuality while still recognizing the importance of grooming.

beard trimmer


  1. An EDC Kit for the Prepared for Anything Guy

Men like to feel like they’ve always got things under control and that they’re ready for anything that life throws at them at every moment of every waking day. After all, that’s one of the things men and women have in common. If you’re in a relationship with a guy who thinks of himself as the Always Prepared Guy, an everyday carry kit (EDC) will be the perfect gift.

EDC kit


  1. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for the Gamer Guy

Even if you’re not a gamer girl yourself, you’re probably somewhat educated about Call of Duty’s impact on the gaming community. The newest game from the popular franchise has finally arrived, and it may be the ultimate “I love you” present you could ever give him.

COD - Infinite Warfare

  1. A Fitness Tracker for the Fit Guy

There are tons of fitness trackers these days, and the newest ones offer options like tracking heart rate, workouts, calories burned, floors climbed, and generally all taken active steps. Some of them also have features like measuring sleep time, and receiving texts and calls. If your guy is always on the move and likes to stay fit, a fitness tracker will be highly appreciated.

fitness tracker


  1. A Digital Photo Frame for the Modern Romantic

Ordinary picture frames have been obsolete ever since their digital brethren were created. If your man is a romantic type but likes to surround himself with the newest gadgets, a digital photo frame may be the right thing to get him.

digital photo frame

  1. A Cookbook For Men for the Up-And-Coming Foodie

Are you in a relationship with a guy that doesn’t have a lot of cooking experience, but still wants to learn how to make a meal more complicated than mac and cheese? If yes, you should get him one the many so-called Cookbooks For Men. They aim to break cooking into easy steps and they written in a way that every cooking noob can understand.

cookbooks for men

  1. Craft Beer Making Kit for the Lovable Cicerone

Wine may be the answer, but beer is the first step towards asking the right kind of questions. A craft beer making kit is the perfect gift for your beer-loving guy, especially if he thinks of himself as a home-schooled cicerone.

craft beer making kit

  1. Suit Pajamas for the Stylish Businessman

If your man loves to suit up, give him a pair of suitjamas that will enable him to be true to himself even in bed! They’re soft, cozy, and definitely nothing short of stylish!


So whichever you choose, just add a cute little bow on top and we’re sure he’ll love it… And if you want to go a step further, put a bow on yourself too 😉

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