5 Things You Should Never Say During Sex (Women)

Sex is pretty amazing, wouldn’t you agree? However, it can also be extremely awkward. Especially if a women says these 5 things during sex.

5 Things You Should Never Say During Sex

Sex, however amazing it may be, it can also be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially if someone says something awkward in the heat of the moment. Hey, we’re all only humans, and when we’re super horny, we sometimes tend to say stupid and wrong things which can affect ours and our partner’s confidence. Since we’re talking about confidence in bed, it’s safe to say that men are more fragile than women. You say one wrong thing and they immediately lose their, well, stiffness. Therefore, in order to prevent such accidents and have a more successful sex, we advise you to never say these 5 things to your man in bed!

1. Anything That Starts With “My Ex…”

Ladies please, it doesn’t matter how tough men are trying to look, they are fragile creatures, and if you mention your ex during sex, your partner’s focus will be lost. If during foreplay you accidentally say something like “my ex did the exact same thing”, your current lover will constantly wonder if he’s better or worse than your former partner. This will definitely throw him off and he won’t be able to please you. Oh, and “my ex was bigger” is also out of the question. Don’t ever say that, not even as a joke!

2. “Is It In Yet?”

First, a moment of silence for every guy out there who heard this question. Now, if you’re not sure if he’s in yet, please don’t ask him that, it will absolutely crush his soul and he will never be able to actually, well you know, get in. For every guy out there, confidence and self-esteem are two most important ingredients for a successful sexual encounter. Therefore ladies, avoid this horrible question at all costs. If you can’t feel a thing, well, find a nicer way to tell him after the sex is done. It will be less painful, trust us.

3. Avoid Baby Talk

Trust us, nothing kills the mood and a guy’s boner like baby talk. This kind of talk should be reserved for babies, toddlers, and cute animals. Therefore, avoid it as much as possible when you’re in bed with a man who’s trying to create a hot and sexy atmosphere. He will think he’s adorable to you, which is ok, but not during sex. Men want to seem fierce and hot during sex, not cute, remember that.

Things You Should Never Say During Sex (Women)

4. Don’t Scream Some Other Dude’s Name

Wow, talk about a mood killer, right? This could easily be a relationship killer too, ladies, so if you have secret fantasies and thoughts, keep yourself from saying them out loud during sex with your partner. Even if it’s just a harmless crush, it will definitely hurt your current partner. Therefore, make sure to scream only his name, or God’s name, good old “Oh, God” is always a good choice.

5. “That’s It?”

These words hurt almost as “is it in?”, so you should try to avoid them as often as possible. Yes, we know men can get a little bit too excited during sex, but when a premature ejaculation happens, it means that there’s usually a “round two”, which can be much better and longer. So, if you want to experience the second act and get off yourself, don’t criticize him, encourage him to try again after a few minutes. Trust us, being harsh won’t get him revved up, so he probably won’t be able to try again, and that’s your loss too.

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