5 Things You Should Never Say During Sex (Men)

Sex can be rather confusing sometimes. Especially when men get to excited and say something awkward. Therefore guys, here are the top 5 things you should never say during sex.

5 Things You Should Never Say During Sex (Men)

Sex is so amazing that some guys get a little bit too excited and end up saying horribly wrong things to their sexual partners. This is perfectly understandable, things get too hot to handle and some men tend to say something stupid in the heat of the moment. Some things may pass unnoticed, but there are plenty of things that can absolutely ruin the moment and the whole relationship. In order to avoid such devastating scenarios, we decided to make a list of forbidden things you should avoid saying during sex. So, for all of you guys out there, here are the 5 things you should never say to your partner in bed!

1. “High Five!”

Ok, guys, it doesn’t matter how great the sex is, you definitely must avoid saying this to your woman! Making love is an extremely intimate experience for ladies and behaving like an immature brat who just discovered sex is absolutely wrong. Yes, we get it, you’re pumped up and sex can sometimes resemble a sport like activity, but if you say “high five” to your significant other during great and hot sex, you will only throw her off and ruin the whole thing. At least wait until after she gets off, she may even find it funny later.

2. “Did You Cum?”

Oh boy, nothing gets a woman out of the mood like this question! Let’s put it this way, if you don’t want her to cum, ask her this. Works like a charm. You see, sex is not a sprint (although a quickie can be super exciting), it’s a marathon. Therefore, you need to give her more time in order to get her there. When it comes to orgasms, women are much more complicated than men, so rushing her won’t do the trick. If you notice she’s losing her mind, just keep doing what the same thing and DON’T ASK HER ANYTHING! Trust us, she’ll thank you later.

3. “Is It Big?”

Asking your partner this or something like “am I bigger than your previous partners?” is never a good idea. Not only that you’ll kill the mood, but you’ll also put them in a very tough spot. If you’re not big enough or bigger than her former lovers, she’ll have to lie in order to reassure you. However, if she’s not a liar, you’re in for some awakening truth which will definitely throw you off your game. On the other hand, if you are big enough, you don’t really have to ask this question at all, right? You’ll just come across as insecure, and that’s a major turn-off.

4. “Are You OK?”

Constantly asking your partner this annoying question during sex, won’t do you any good believe us. Yes, we understand that you’re worried and you’re just trying to be kind and considerate, but for the love of God, if she’s not ok, she’ll tell you! If you repeat this question more than two times during intercourse, she’ll know that you’re insecure and probably bad at sex. Therefore, in order to come across as an alpha male, don’t ask her this. Read her face and her body language and let her get there without too many questions.

5. “You’re Totally Hotter Than My Ex!”

Okay, she would probably appreciate that kind of statement, but it’s a horrible idea to say this during sex for many reasons. First of all, she will be mad simply because you’re actually thinking about your ex during an intimate moment like that. Secondly, she doesn’t want to be compared like that, she’s a unique human being and she would like you to look at her exactly like that. Therefore, avoid saying this or anything remotely similar at all costs. Good luck out there, lad!

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