5 Things Guys do on Social Media that Make Women Puke

Men and women have a completely different understanding of social media. Here are 5 things guys do online that make women puke.

5 Things Guys do on Social Media that Make Women Puke

Over the last 10 years, social media has become one of the biggest parts of everyone’s life. It’s so convenient, fun, and popular that people simply can’t spend a day without it. Some of them are constantly posting exciting photos and videos on their Facebook and Instagram profiles while and others are tweeting about their life every minute of the day. However fun this may be, there are some things people do online that don’t sit well with others. Today, we’re going to talk about the top 5 things men do on social media that make women puke. Buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride!

1. Countless Shirtless Selfies

Yes, you guessed it! The first on our list are shirtless selfies. Ok dude, we get it, you have a six pack, big deal. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong about being proud of your own physical appearance, but posting countless shirtless selfies on a daily basis is just a bit too much. Women absolutely hate this. They think of it as obnoxious and narcissistic, so if you really want to get laid, put your shirt back on and wait for the right moment to take it off.

2. Constantly Liking Other Girls’ Posts And Photos

This is extremely annoying, especially if the guy does it on purpose in order to make his girlfriend jealous. We know it’s not real life, but if a guy likes many photos posted by various girls, it may send a strong message to his girlfriend that says “I’m secretly interested in other girls”. Of course, he’ll deny it, but the activity log says it all! So, guys, if you don’t want to disappoint your lady, avoid liking other girls on social media.

3. Ignoring The Fact That She’s Online

Women absolutely hate this one, no doubt about it. This kind of behavior insults their intelligence. Guys think that they can outsmart their girls by “laying low” when they’re online, but they always get caught. If the guy doesn’t want to chat with a girl, instead of saying something like “we’ll chat later”, he’ll try to ignore her by pretending she’s not online at all. However, guys who do this are often so obvious, it’s almost like they want the girls to feel ignored. That’s just sleazy and it drives women away.

4. Acting Like A Big Shot

Girls all around the world do not approve this type of showing off. It’s perfectly OK for a guy to be confident, but acting like a big shot is completely unnecessary and off-putting. Women don’t like guys who post photos of themselves being surrounded by tons of chicks in a night club. Take a chill pill dude and stop pretending to be a mobster. Most women like humble and classy men, so if you’re constantly trying to portray yourself as a wealthy womanizer, you won’t have any actual luck with the ladies, trust us.

5. Posting Status Updates Or Live Tweeting About Sports Events

Okay, we’ll admit it, this one is not that horrible, but it’s still pretty annoying to girls. It’s perfectly OK to watch sports and be passionate about it, but posting status updates and constantly tweeting your impressions, thoughts and scores can be a little bit too much! Most girls are not that passionate when it comes to sports, so when a guy fills her news feed with countless posts about a basketball game, there’s a big chance she’ll unfriend him or at least “unfollow” him. Therefore, guys, when your favorite team is playing, there’s no need to tell everyone, keep it to yourself and enjoy the game without commenting on it via social media.

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