5 Reasons Why He’s Not Calling You

You went on a date with a guy you like and he’s not calling you back? Don’t sweat it, here are the 5 possible reasons why he hasn’t called yet.

5 Reasons Why He’s Not Calling You

If you thought that anticipating and experiencing the very first date with a guy is the most nerve-wracking moment in a new relationship, you thought wrong. Yes, meeting him for the first time can be pretty terrifying, but that’s not the worst part.

The real anxiety comes after the date when you’re waiting for him to call or text. This is the moment of truth. You had a great time, everything went well, but he’s not calling you yet. Why is he not calling you back yet? While you wait for him to make contact your mind spirals out of control and you imagine the worst possible scenarios in your head. You start thinking he’s not that into you and you fall into despair. But is that the only reason why he’s not calling you back? Probably not!

Let’s see the 5 most common reasons why guys don’t call back after a date.

1. He Doesn’t Want To Seem Desperate

This is one of the most common reasons why guys don’t call right after a successful first date. They simply don’t want to come across as creepy and desperate, even though there’s nothing wrong with calling your date first. However, they know that being desperate is a major turn off, so they are afraid to make the first move. A simple text from you would put his mind at ease, so you shouldn’t wait for him to pick up his courage, contact him first.

2. Guys Are Terrified Of Rejection

Women are scared of rejection, but guys are terrified. That kind of defeat is simply too scary to even contemplate and this is one of the biggest reasons why some guys don’t call after a first date. If your guy didn’t call back, he’s probably afraid that you’re not interested in him. Meet him half way, let him know you’re actually interested and he’ll probably text you right away.

3. His Ego Prevents Him From Calling

This is, without a doubt, one of the biggest problems some men have when it comes to dating. They simply love themselves too much! That unhealthy self-love can sometimes have a negative influence on a man’s dating life. Guys think they’ll seem weak if they call first, and their enormous ego simply doesn’t allow them to pick up the phone. Well, their loss. Right, ladies?

4. He Was Looking For A One Time Thing

If turns out that he was only looking for a one night stand, well, you don’t need him calling you ever again. Unfortunately, there are more and more sleazy guys out there and nowadays it’s hard to find a perfect gentleman. Therefore, don’t be sad if he turns out to be a douchebag. Focus on the silver lining – you dodged a bullet there, a sleazy bullet.

5. He Didn’t Feel The Chemistry

Well, this is a bummer, but it happens to everyone, no need to feel bad about yourself. Sometimes people simply don’t connect on a more meaningful level. If there’s no spark at the beginning, well, it’s pretty unlikely that he’ll call you back. That doesn’t mean you should feel sad or unwanted, you can’t force other people to feel something. When you think about it, it’s probably better for the both of you if he doesn’t call, because there’s no point forcing something if there’s no passion. A relationship without that initial spark is doomed right from the start. So, look at the bright side again. The fact that he didn’t call you back may actually be a good thing. He saved you some precious time. Therefore, you need to move on without looking back.

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