5 Ideas for Singles on Valentine’s Day

Single on Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry! There are plenty of fun things you can do that you won’t even remember what day it is!

5 Ideas for Singles on Valentine’s Day

Whatever you do on Valentine’s Day, don’t do anything couples do. It will make you feel depressed for being single yet again. You want to spend this day like it’s any other day of the year, preferably doing things that make you feel good even when you’re down.

1. Hit The Gym

Most couples will be out on Valentine’s Day and the gym will be half empty so you can basically have it all to yourself. Working out is a healthy activity that has absolutely nothing to do with your romantic status, and it will not be a constant reminder that you’re single. Also, chances are most of the other people at the gym will be single as well so you might even end up meeting someone!

2. Go Grocery Shopping

Another activity that has nothing to do with whether you’re single or happily coupled, grocery shopping is something you have to do anyway so you might as well do it on Valentine’s Day. The supermarket should not be packed as it usually is given this is a holiday many people celebrate so you can use this to your advantage and explore all those isles that you keep skipping because you simply don’t have the time.

3. Invite Single Friends Over

Once you’re done grocery shopping, you can invite your single friends over for dinner or snacks. Serve fresh fruit and veggies because even though you don’t have a date on Valentine’s that doesn’t mean you should stuff yourself with comfort food. You want to keep your shape and health in mind at all times and under any circumstances, and so do your single friends. You can watch a movie together (no romantic comedies allowed), preferably a thriller or a period drama that will in no way remind you of what date it is.

4. Clean Your Place

When was the last time you dusted that book shelf? If you’re like me and cleaning the house calms you down and relaxes you, you’re in luck because you can use this time to catch up on your cleaning, ironing, dusting and decluttering. Throw away all those things that you can gets your hands on which you never use and thoroughly clean your place. The more organized your home is the more organized and coherent your thoughts are. Take your time to water those plants and brush your cat’s fur before calling it a night.

5. Binge-Watch Your Favorite Show

There is no shame in watching Netflix all evening! There are plenty of couples out there who’ll do just the same, believe me. So, basically you’re not even missing out on much! Order your favorite pasta, sit back and enjoy Better Call Saul, The Crown or whatever it is that you’re watching these days. Stay away from girlie shows and movies, and stick to the classics or dramas. Those will get your mind off your romantic woos and might get you thinking about the deeper meaning of life. Just kidding, watch whatever you like as long as it makes you feel good. The evening will soon be over anyway and before you know it, it will be February 15.

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