5 Genius First Date Ideas Even Leo DiCaprio Never Thought Of

Your first date is your one and only chance to make a good impression and secure date no. 2. I mean, there is nothing wrong with dinner and a movie or meeting up at your local bar, but how many dates like that do you think she’s had already?

Saying that you’re not under pressure to come up with an out-of-the-box first date idea would be an outright lie. But luckily you’re not the only one struggling in your attempt to impress her. Millions of men out there have been trying to answer that one burning question for decades. What’s the best first date idea ever?

Unless you’re Leonardo DiCaprio taking a Victoria’s Secret angel for a spin around the bay on your yacht, I suggest you check out our awesome first date ideas that will leave her wanting more.

creative first date ideas

  1.      Escape Room

Escape room might be a fad, but it certainly isn’t going anywhere any time soon. You can take her out to dinner later, once you successfully get out of the escape room thanks to your genius, also known as tips from your buddy who was there the night before to check out the clues and figure the way out.
Don’t stress too much about choosing the right escape room. They are all fun in their own right and have something different to offer compared to the competition. Research nice restaurants nearby and end the evening with a nice dinner.

escape room

  1.      Paint Night

Possibly another 2010s dating fad, just like escape room, paint night ensures you have a good time with your date by showing your creative side.
Live in the now and use all the fads available to impress your date. Research paint night venues beforehand and go with the one with the best reviews, especially when it comes to the food they serve. You don’t want a bad dinner to spoil a perfectly planned evening.
If you’re not the most creative lad who’s ever walked the face of the earth but she is, fear not. You can still take her to paint night and not look like a doofus.
Don’t attempt to recreate the Mona Lisa, stick to the basics, and she’ll love you for taking an interest in something she enjoys even if it’s not your strong suit.

paint night

  1.      Dinner At An Unconventional Restaurant

Having dinner on the first date will give you a chance to talk to your girl without having to worry about any distractions.
However, the catch lies in picking the right restaurant. Your average Shoeless Joe’s just won’t do so you have to get creative in your choice.
Luckily, there are plenty of new restaurants popping up everywhere so ensuring you take her to a place she’s never been before is not that complicated.
However, your best bet is to go for a restaurant with a twist. For instance, everything that has to do with cooking is huge these days.
Lots of colleges offering state-of-the-art cooking programs also have restaurants where you can get great food for less while you support student efforts. She’ll praise you for being socially responsible.


  1.      Riding Bicycles

Weather permitting you can go for a bicycle ride around town. Biking is huge everywhere and it’s a great chance for you to show your environmentally conscious side.
Pick a nice trail that is tranquil and where you won’t be disturbed by all the downtown hustle and bustle. Make sure you can ride next to each other so you can talk.
This is not your chance to show off your athletic abilities. You want to be a riding buddy to a girl, and you want to get to know her, not race her.
Your ride can end at a nice environmentally friendly bar/restaurant where you can get refreshments and end your date on a more relaxing note.

riding bicycles

  1.      Wine Tasting

If you and your date enjoy the drink of the gods wine tasting can be a great first date idea. You can chat the afternoon away as you take all the notes from the sommelier.
There will be other people there to take the pressure down a notch, but you’ll still have a chance to get to know your date a little bit better, and make a killer first impression as a wine connoisseur.
On the other hand, if you’re not into wine lots of hip breweries offer beer tasting, but make sure you don’t drink more than your date and embarrass yourself for no reason.

wine tasting

Share these ideas with your friends and be the best wingman on planet Earth!

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