3 Reasons to Not go After a Guy Who’s Taken

Dating a guy who’s already taken, being the other woman and breaking up a couple are not the things that constitute a basis of a healthy relationship. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and although it may seem like your ‘fish’ is dating someone else, moving on and finding a person who’s available is the best thing to do.

3 Reasons to Not go After a Guy Who’s Taken

We all know there are plenty of fish in the sea. However, more often than not our perfect fish is already dating someone else. This is a dreadful situation because nobody wants to be the other woman, but what do you do when the two of you would make a great couple, and it is his girlfriend that should step out of this picture?

Unfortunately, if you’re smart you do nothing. Breaking up a couple to start your own relationship is mean, trashy and in many cases pathetic. You can find someone who will appreciate you and love you for who you are without being torn between you and some other girl.

If he breaks up with his girlfriend and wants to be with you, by all means, consider dating him, but don’t be that person that actively broke someone up. Remember how many people sided with Jennifer instead of Angelina? Lots! Whose side would you rather be on?

Reason #1: You Deserve Better

You deserve to find someone who will see you as the absolute center of their universe, who will cherish you and adore you every second of every day. If a person is already in a relationship their attention will be divided, and you will never get your fair share. Instead of pursuing someone who’s already taken, focus your time and energy on finding a single guy who’s right for you. It may seem like she’s all wrong for him, and he’d be much better off with you, but don’t forget that there was something that brought them together to begin with, and chances are they still have strong feelings for each other even though he likes you as well. You want a clean slate based on which you can build your future.

Reason #2: Don’t Be The Other Woman

Regardless of what you may think of their relationship, they have their reasons for being together, and no matter what you do it’s highly unlikely you’ll win. Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to yourself. You’ll cause pain to someone who doesn’t deserve it (Jennifer), and even if the two of you end up together, building a future on an affair (Angelina) rarely has the type of ending you’re hoping for. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and demand nothing but respect. If you’re seeing someone who’s already taken you can be 100% sure that before he comes to you he’ll do everything that’s expected of him with his official girlfriend, and that will just shatter your self-confidence.

Reason #3: You’ll Develop Trust Issues

Even if he breaks up with his girlfriend and starts dating you, you’ll develop trust issues because you’ll always remember how you started. If he was capable of cheating on her, why wouldn’t he do the same to you? That kind of thinking is very destructive, and it doesn’t form a good foundation of any relationship. You want to be able to fully trust the person you’re with, and they need to believe that they’ll be the only guy for you in the world. If there are things in your relationship that are weighing heavily on either one of you, some unresolved issues or unmet desires, your relationship will always be on shaky ground, which is very stressful and can completely drain you out. Don’t allow yourself to fall for someone who’s unavailable, and you’ll save yourself the headache and heartache that inevitably follow.

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