10 Celebs Who Inspired the Creation of Lifetime Movies

When you’re a celeb and you receive the biopic movie treatment, you know that you’ve made it big. However, while some biopics are incredibly tasteful (and made with a huge budget), others (like Lifetime movies) are far from it.

1. Britney Spears

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The upcoming Britney Spears biopic is causing quite the stir, and everyone is getting quite excited about it! Brit-Brit has been in the public eye since her early teen years, and she’s been known as America’s sweetheart, a bald-headed nut-case, and an iconic comeback pop queen. The upcoming Lifetime movie is titled Britney Ever After, and one can only hope that it does Britney justice.

2. Anna Nicole Smith

Playmate Anna Nicole Smith always had a way of being completely adorable while also being bonkers. As a free spirit and a woman who did not care for other people’s opinions, Anna Nicole sparked controversy on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that her life and her tragic end has been turned into a Lifetime biopic titled Anna Nicole, staring Agnes Bruckner.

3. Aaliyah


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Aaliyah is one of those stars that left us much too soon. Before she even had the chance to show us just how much talented she was, Aaliyah died in a tragic plane crash and left her family, friends, and fans in tears. Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B, the 2014 biopic about the songstress, also made everyone cry but for all the wrong reasons.

4. Full House Cast

The mega popular Full House series got its own Lifetime movie, along with the whole cast. The biopic, titled The Unauthorized Full House Story, came out in 2015, and starred Miley Cyrus’ ex Justin Gaston (as John Stamos). Fans of the original show were not too happy about this one.

5. Johnny Cash and June Carter

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Although the amazing Walk The Line biopic got awesome reviews (both from the public and critics), the 2013 Lifetime Ring Of Fire movie didn’t do well. That probably won’t stop people from making movies about one of the most iconic couples of all time, June Carter and Johnny Cash, though.

6. Elizabeth Taylor

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When it was first heard that Lindsay Lohan will be staring in a Lifetime flick about the iconic Elizabeth Taylor, people were leaning towards a more negative mindset about the whole thing. However, the problematic actress did a fairly good job in 2012’s Liz & Dick, and this movie is one of the rare Lifetime movies done good.

7. Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn’s life has been talked about, written about, and screened so many times that the whole thing is getting a bit out of hand. Yet, you can’t really blame people for wanting to tell the wonderful yet tragic story of one of Hollywood’s biggest names ever. The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe premiered on small screens in 2015.

8. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

When you’re living out a real fairy tale, you can be sure that people will make a movie about you and your Prince! Camilla Luddington and Nico Evers-Swindell starred in Lifetime’s 2011 William and Kate: The Movie, and they did their best to portray everyone’s favorite royal couple. Allegedly.

9. Whitney Houston

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As soon as the legendary singer Whitney Houston was found dead in a bathtub, people were already talking about who will attempt to turn her sad story into a movie. Luckily, Hollywood legend Angela Bassett took the wheel and did her best to give the music icon some justice.

10. Donatella Versace

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The head of one of the most influential fashion houses has not had an easy life, and therefore her story was the perfect choice for another one of Lifetime’s biopics. Gina Gershon portrayed the troubled fashion designer in 2013’s House of Versace.

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